BIKI: First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone


First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

Had you ever dreamed about Wireless Underwater Drones? Then here is something for you, an ecological, the most powerful and portable "First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone". It is not just a drone; it can also show some emotions like pets. It came with 4K Video Recording Camera to shoot best quality Videos and images which took underwater visualization to next level. Biki is so far claimed as the first bionic drone that also worked as a robot under water with features like obstacle avoidance, automated balance and return to base with accuracy. The size of Biki is also handy as it came with small size with great features. Well thinking about how much is the video duration we can shoot or how much depth it can clear? The answer is, you can shoot a HD quality video of 90-120 minutes and 196 feet maximum depth under water. You can take Biki with you while you are swimming to enjoy your swim with BIKI.

Camera Quality:
Biki is capable to stabilize the camera for sharp photos and smooth videos by using a HD camera even you shooting a high speed motion or in a dark environment. Biki is equipped with 150° wide-angle lenses so you'll never miss any details under water. Well, the issue arises in mind about lights in dark areas underwater so here is your solution about darkness that equipped with 2x114 lumens lights which will give you a better see underwater with support of 4K HD video recording with 16 Megapixel Camera. The maximum video shooting duration of BIKI is in between 90 - 120 minutes. You can take 5243 Photographs with 8 MP, or 4000 photographs with 16 Megapixels and also maximum 2.2 hours of video recording with 1080p as it can save up to 32GB memory.


With reference to Dolphin, Biki uses a bionic sonar echo-location process to locate objects. The tail fin driven technology is based on reverse Von Kármán vortex street theory from fluid dynamics. Driven by the tail fin, it can control and moderate the direction of movement at any stage. So, we can shoot the world underwater without disturbing the underwater biosphere. Exclusive Autonomous Control Algorithm ROBOSEA™ and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) help BIKI to control its balance in the water.

BIKI Fish Drone Full Specification Overview
Quick View at Specifications:
Speed: 1.12mph
Depth: 196 Feet Maximum
Noise: 55dB Ultra-Silence
Drop Test: 30cm
Weight: 2.4lbs (1.1kg)
Image Resolution: 16 Megapixels
Video Resolution: 3840X2160p
LED Light: 2*114 Lumens Light
Internal Built-in Storage: 32GB
Batter Timing: 90-120 min
Charging Time: 2 hours
Photo USB: 14M/S Max
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor: Infrared Ray
Wave Resistance Rating: 2
Effective Detectable Distance: 2.76 – 11.81 inch (7-30 cm)
Wi-Fi: Transfer distance 82.02 (25m), Control Distance 164.04 ft (50 m).

APP (Only in the air)
Connect Speed: WIFI – 65Mbps
Download Speed: 1.2M/S

Controller (Only in the water)
Weight: 0.14lb (65g)
Effective Control Distance: 32.81 ft (10m)
Functional Buttons: Accelerate, Decelerate, Float Upward, Submerge, Turn Left, Right Turn, Video Record, Photograph, Light on.

Man behind BIKI:
Here is a little introduction about the inventor of BIKI, Dr. Xiong Minglei.  Dr. Xiong Minglei as CEO of Robosea was the major researcher in the intelligent control room of the engineering institute of Peking University. Dr. Xiong Minglei invented and developed the first ever underwater drone/robot with dual reconfigurable tail fins, which was sailing in the Antarctic regions. This invention played a significant role to find the mysteries underwater with smooth operation and collect all the data at a very low cost.

BIKI Full Accessories:


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