Some Key Features of Android Nougat Review

Android Latest Version Nougat Advantages and Disadvantages
Some Key Features of Android Nougat Review

Hi folks! As you all know that Android launched their latest version Nougat V7.0 which is much faster and most reliable than their previous version. If you are doing multi-tasking, they made a little modification in their latest version to switch between tabs quickly. These time cards are bigger in size but yeah, trimmed to few as we saw many in previous version Marshmallow and they also removed some un-necessary apps from their list. To get rid of too many tasks running at back end, a very useful button is added to the top of your card stack so you can easily clear them all or if you want to switch between them, you can.

Another feature is Don't Disturb , which allows you to choose your top priorities regarding alarms, notification or on complete silence for a limited time or according to your setting, whether you sleeping or working in your office.

Emoji's are most popular nowadays, so keeping that in mind Android added the best Emoji option and app links to share with your circle. You can also set your desired language and you can easily switch between multi languages. This is a great change for users who are bi-lingual or traveling to different states so they have full control over how much information is coming up on-screen with a simple DPI changer in the display settings.

Many people questioned about Nougat performance. Yeah, they did some great changes and work done behind the scenes in this update to make this faster. The latest update regarding camera that comes with Nougat on Google Nexus devices also added a new twist gesture to easily switch between back and front cameras. Unfortunately, you may need first to double tap the power button to instantly launch camera app.

Here are few best points about Nougat:-

Setting Menu:
This is a great step to bring all the information to display on first impression when you click on settings. All the information regarding how many app you have, on which WIFI Connection you are and bluetooth connection as well. There will be an option on the top of the page which will offer different suggestions for items you may want to disable or setup according to your settings.

A Clear-all Option:
Google recently added this button to celar all your open apps with justa single tap. All you need to do is just scroll to the top of the preview cards, there you'll find this new button.

Display Size:
Customizing the display size is not an issue now. In Android Nougat, you can adjust everything on display including font size in your android device. All you need to do is
Click on Settings > Display > Display size and then use the slider.

Instant Reply:
Whether  you are in a browser searching for something or watching movies etc, if you got any messages like on Facebook Messenger, whatsapp or general messages, there will be a reply option under that particular notification to reply back instantly without leaving the current tab.

Notification Settings:
With a long-press on notification, you can choose to silence alerts or disable notifications for that particular app.

Multi Window:
Another great feature by Android is multi window option. If you are using and app but want to run another app, so just long press on multitasking button and it will shrink down the app you are using and will give you an option to choose another. You can also adjust the size of screens for both app according to your need.

Gifs and Emoji's:
Everyone loves to use gifs and emoji in their messages while they are default message or using facebook messenger app. Tap on emoji icon then click on Gif option. Now search your desired images, choose and send to your friends.

Data Saving:
An addition in the setting is Data saving option which on enable will save you plans data by stopping apps running in background or will not allow to refresh and use more data. 

Data Saver in Android Latest Version Nougat

Eyes Protection:
Mostly people got eyes issues by using devices at night with such a high intensity of light affecting the eyes. So in Android Nougat, Night Light mode will turn your display an amber color. Whether this feature helps you to fall asleep or not but it will cause low effects on your eyes with dim light.
Click on Settings > Display > Night Light to enable this feature.

You can also choose your timings to activate and deactivate this mode automatically but it depends on customization option on your phone. 


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