How To See If an iPhone 6 is Fake or Stolen


How To Find If an iPhone 6 is Fake or Stolen

The Apple iPhone is now a fashion accessory in developed countries because they are so powerful smartphone that can ease social work and daily life. Every iPhone lover had a dream to get Latest iPhone model and some people want that in low price, so pushes many people to lower their guard.
There is a main issue in that case and that is, most people don't know either this iPhone is stolen or Replica? So we are giving you a short guide that will tell you best points to find out if it's a genuine one or fake.

How To See If an iPhone 6 is Fake or Stolen: iPhone 6 and 6s Plus Guide
A French blogger, revealed a best method to recognize a fake iPhone 6 (also same method for iPhone 6 Plus) in which we will check the front camera of this mobile. Now, first step is to take mobile phone in your hands, and have a look on front panel (upper portion having selfie camera) and compare that mobile with our given IMAGE below. It will tell the whole story.

How To Find If an iPhone 6 is Original or Fake

Other method is to check directly from Apple either it is fake or original. Just go to Settings > General > About, here you will find the IEMI numbers of your device that is unique for all mobiles. You just need to copy and paste this code in the form of check and Apple will have all information Apple Information Form and you will get all the information on the device.

There is also another method of verification which will give you advantage to see if the iPhone 6 is a clone is to check the serial number. First, go to Settings > General > About under the heading Serial Number. Now you can contact Apple Support at this number 800 915 904 for any confirmation regarding this product.

I hope, you like these tips and tricks to check either iPhone 6 (6S Plus) is genuine or fake which you are going to buy. This will sure help you to protect yourself from scam.


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