How to Increase Battery Life of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

How to Increase Battery Life of iPhone 6, 6S and 6S Plus
How to Increase Battery Life of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Nowadays, when someone going to buy a new smartphone, the first thing came in mind to check about is Battery duration. In this particular article, we are discussing about How to increase battery life of iPhone 6S, so let start our discussion to see how to save and increase battery duration.

Tips & Tricks about How to Increase Battery Life iPhone 6:
The first main thing about battery which plays a vital role in life and health is Temperature. The device (in this case, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus) works best when it has a temperature between 0°C and 35°C according to location with a climate lies between -20°C to 45°C. In short, avoid exposing it to the sun when you are outside maybe on the sea or on work, don't put that in direct sun light.
After temperature, you also need to configure your Optimization Settings that determines the autonomy of iPhone. So we are discussing some tips about iPhone settings to increase battery life.

1) Brightness
This is a very common factor to all smartphones, laptops, and tablets and also among those that most use the autonomy. If you want to save more battery, then off course, you need to decrease your brightness of iPhone 6. You can go to settings then Display and Light, where you will see the option to enable / disable Auto-Brightness.

2) Increases the Time Gap between a Download Data and the other:
You have to decide the time intervals to receive data automatically on applications like Mail. If the data is updating or downloaded frequently (for example, every 10 minutes) the battery and suffers the consequences. You will have to change settings to manual or on your choice by visiting Settings > Mail, Contacts > Fetch New Data. By choosing Manual, you will receive new updates when you open that.

3) Location Services:
In most cases, especially social networks and apps for meetings online etc., use the time location services, which used a lot of battery. Disable them by going to Settings > Privacy > Location. Here, you can choose whether turn off certain applications or completely.

4) Enable Airplane Mode in Limited Environments
If you are in a place where there is no cellular coverage or limited, then enable your Airplane Mode, which is basically minimizing your battery over consumption when it is in Standby. With flight mode, your iPhone is at rest until it is turned off. If you want to disconnect data connection, you can go to Settings > Cellular and off the Cellular Data, instead of activating the Airplane mode.

5) Dynamic Background:
Most of the iPhone lovers prefers to use dynamic backgrounds with amazing look, but keep in mind that Dynamic Backgrounds used more power than a static background. So, try to use Static backgrounds instead of Dynamic Backgrounds.

6) Automatic Updates:

With the time iOS launched, it allows apps to updates automatically whenever new updates are available, a best feature for busy persons. With this feature, user will get new updates notifications continuously when connected to data, but if you want to mute notifications and to update some applications then you can go to Settings > iTunes and App Store, and Turn OFF the switch for items updates.


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